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Absinth - Play a major part of Act I completely for free and support us when you like Absinth on Steam or add Absinth to your Steam wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/884990/Absinth/

Absinth, a thrilling psychological first-person horror experience by the indie developers of blackHound Studios. Set in California, USA, blurring the line between game and reality. Confront the events which completely changed Zane’s life. Explore the chilling world of Zane Zaminsky and discover the unsettling events of his past.

It is a weekend in late July 2018 when Zane visits the US California Redwoods only to disappear without a trace shortly after arrival. Two days later, the local Police Department locates Zane on the main road near the Redwoods after receiving an anonymous tip. Chief Inspector Carter opens the investigation a few hours later, only to discover that not only does Zane have no recollection of the past two days, but the fact that he has a daughter has been completely wiped from his memory. As the investigation unfolds, more and more clues surface to suggest Zane’s past hides more than the just the answer to his amnesia.

Experience what happened to Zane and how his life changed overnight. Hide yourself from the unknown and try to distinguish between reality and illusion. Solve dimension-unravelling riddles to reach your targets and uncover the intrigue which brought Zane’s life to ruin. Decipher secret documents to expose the truth and win against your own mind to survive. Use the innovative AR glass to analyze your environment and constantly find new ways to avoid the encounter with the devious AI.

Absinth takes you to a world of fear, darkness and loss, but also hope. The duplicitous presentation of scenes combined with the classic dark atmosphere will have your emotions twisted and in a constant state of heightened adrenaline. Experience unique storytelling and the innovative machinations of Absinth from a real indie developer studio in a way you’ve never played before.

Join the Discord Community

We have already an active Discord Community behind Absinth and would like to invite you as well to become part of the development and our family: https://discord.gg/xEdmZkP

About blackHound

We are a small indie development video game studio from Germany consisting currently 2 part-time members. We recently released Absinth as an Early Access tittle on Steam and made before mobile VR games.

The Roadmap

We want to stay transparent with the community and updating constantly the Developer Roadmap of Absinth as soon as we have any new info. The latest roadmap is always on the official Absinth Website available.

Install instructions

Nothing special needed, extract the game files in the ZIP and execute the .exe file as administrator. In some cases Windows shows a warning based on a missing Microsoft certification, you can skip it and start the game.

Hardware Requirements can be read on the Steam Store page.


Absinth Demo (v.0.821, Feb'19)